Melchizedek Priesthood Level 1


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Artists:  Congas: Walter Sun–Piano: Jane Snyder

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Level 1  Sacrifice      Isaiah 58:6

Is this not the fast which I choose,

1. To loosen the chains of injustice,

2. To undo the heavy burdens,

3. And to let the oppressed go free

4. And to break every yoke.

These four commands are dealing with freedom from the yokes and bands of the enemy, as well as the fallen creation.  First we must be free ourselves, and then we can be used to set others free.  This is basically the deliverance ministry –

represented in the Bible as coming out of Egypt! 

There had to be a deliverer from Egypt.  Is not Christ this continuing deliverer?  Luke 4:16-21 records Jesus claiming to be the fulfillment of this ministry of setting the captives free, as He recites Isaiah 61:1 standing in the synagogue. He is calling us to be partakers in His deliverance ministry.

All of the things listed above are sacrifices when done on behalf of other people, for the nations, or for the creation.  Pick your level! 

This calls for leading others through the freedom path — breaking strongholds through repentance, reconciliation and healing.

Level 1  Works     Isaiah 58:7  

These are the practical works that will accompany the spiritual breakthroughs of verse 6.

1.  Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry,

2.  And bring the homeless poor into the house;

3.  When you see the naked to cover him;

4.  And not to hide yourself from your own flesh.

We must be willing to get involved with the woes of the fallen world. We must part with our stuff, our time, our money, and not just expect others to do it for us. Let’s talk for a moment about hiding ourselves from those ugly family problems spoken of in #4.  We need to bring the Kingdom of God into our families.  We must pray and actively trust in HIM to bring something good out of those impossible situations.

Level 1 Blessings

1. Then your light will break out like the dawn,

2. And your recovery (health) will speedily spring forth,

3. And your righteousness will go before you,

4. The Glory of the Lord will be your rear guard,

5. You will call and the Lord will answer,

6. You will cry, and he will say, “Here I am”. (Isaiah 58:8-9a)

Getting heard on high is just one of the great blessings for walking with the abandoned and broken. Are you beginning to see a picture of you expending yourself for others, because of the great blessings you are walking in? Remember, these must overflow, not just on your friends, or those like you, but on those people who are different than you and outside your comfort zone!


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