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The Mystery of Godliness

Jane Snyder                October 2004

Melchizedek’s Treasure

But we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the hidden wisdom, which God predestined before the ages to our glory; the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age has understood; for if they had understood it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. 1Cor 2:7-8

That their hearts may be knit together in love, and attaining to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, resulting in a true knowledge of God’s mystery, that is Christ Himself in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Col 1:2-3

And by common confession great is the mystery of Godliness

He who was revealed in the flesh,

Was vindicated in the Spirit,

Beheld by angels,

Proclaimed among the nations

Believed on in the world,

Taken up in glory. .  1 Tim.3:16

Godliness— 2150 eusebeia, meaning piety, godliness, holiness. You can substitute the word holiness for godliness in any of these passages. This is about Jesus: then, it is about Jesus in us.

1. HE ——-who was revealed in the flesh

This has to do with heavenly reality in earthly realms. HE (Jesus, the Word, who eternally existed and created the worlds) became “clothed” in flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14  This passage uses “grace and truth” to describe His glory. This is how those heavenly qualities were revealed in flesh. Everything recorded about Him, is His actual “revealing in the flesh”. 

For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form. Col. 2:9  

He continues to be revealed in the flesh through His saints. That is the mystery which has been hidden from the past ages and generations; but has now been manifested to His saints, to whom God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of the mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in You, the hope of glory. Col. 1:26-27 

2. HE——–who was vindicated in the Spirit

Vindicated—1344 dikaioo to render, show or regard as just or innocent, free, justify, be righteous (from the root of justice).  Consequently we could translate this as:

He, who was rendered, or regarded as just and righteous in the Spirit“.

We see this rendering at His baptism.

And John bore witness saying, “I have beheld the Spirit descending as a dove out of heaven, and He remained upon Him, this is the one who baptizes in the Holy Spirit. John 1:32 

This was the physical manifestation of God’s approval, but He has also made “us” just (innocent) and righteous.

Yet He has now reconciled you in His fleshy body through death in order to present you before Him holy and blameless and beyond reproach.  Col 1:22

3.  HE ——-who was beheld by angels

Beheld  3700 optomai  to gaze  (i.e. with wide-open eyes, as at something remarkable) Do you remember how the angels sang at His birth?

Luke 2:13-14 And suddenly there appeared with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.” 

All of the major events in His life were with angelic interaction. Think of His conception, birth, resurrection, ascension, and even the second coming.  Regarding angels and us, Luke 15:10 tells us that: “there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents”.

4.  HE——who was proclaimed among the nations.

Simeon prophesied at Jesus temple dedication that He would be:

“A light to the Gentiles”.  Lk 2:32

As John the Baptist began preaching the baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, it is recorded in Luke 3:4-6 that he was fulfilling Isaiah 40:3-6  “And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.”

The proclaiming of Christ among the nations officially began with the giving of the great commission. After His ascension, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it began to be rapidly spread, and still continues today wherever the gospel is preached.

Col.1:23 says “the gospel of Christ was proclaimed in all creation under heaven”.

5.  HE——-who was believed on in the world (kosmos).

Read John 5:18 through chapter 7, as a treatise on believing. 

Jesus teaches, and then builds a case for believing on Him, based on:

1. the witness of John, 2. works, 3. the Father, 4. and scripture.

And Jesus said to Thomas ”Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” Jn 20:29

When our testimony of Jesus, is believed by others, and causes them to put their trust in Christ; the gospel has been spread through us, and “He is believed on in the world”.

6.  HE —–who was taken up in glory.

Jesus spoke to the Pharisees about this, saying; “For a little while longer I am with you, then I go to Him who sent Me. You shall seek Me, and shall not find Me; and where I am, you cannot come.” John 7:33-344 Luke recorded the ascension in Acts 1:9

“ He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud received Him out of their sight.”  We too will be revealed in glory like Christ for: “When Christ, who is our life is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.” Col. 3:4

And we also shall be taken up in glory.

Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and thus we shall always be with the Lord. 2 Thes. 4:17

Our Hearts – His Love

In regard to us, this mystery of godliness starts with our hearts.

Col 2:2. 1. their hearts may be encouraged,

2. having been knit together in love,

3. and attaining to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding,

4. resulting in a true knowledge of God’s mystery, that is Christ Himself in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

This passage speaks of our high calling in the corporate body.  Notice the necessary steps to enter into HIM through each other, on this deeper level.

1.  Our hearts must be encouraged to pursue Christ.

  1. Our hearts are knit together in love.
  2. This corporate love among us is the doorway to the understanding of the spiritual wealth residing in Christ.
  3. This results in a true knowledge of God’s mystery—Christ Himself.

Are you not tantalized to discover the treasures in HIM? Doesn’t a lover long to make himself known, to share himself, and discover the other person? Isn’t he distraught to find things deliberately withheld? Isn’t our eternal occupation this discovery of Christ Himself; and even our oneness with Him?

So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, and that you being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breath, the length, the height and depth, and to know the love of Christ, which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all fullness of God. Eph 3:17

The Love of Christ is beyond knowledge, because it is a different type of knowledge. It is spiritual; it is an emersion. It causes you to be filled up to all fullness of God. When this happens, you share His heart.

The first part of this verse tells us that Christ dwells in our hearts through faith. Faith is also a mystery. 

Holding to the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience.1Tim.3:9 

1Corinthians 13, addresses the issue of spiritual gifts, as well as faith, in this link of love.. v.2 And if I have:

1. the gift of prophecy, and

2. know all mysteries and 

3.all knowledge; and if I 

4.have all faith, so as to remove mountains,

but do not have love, I am nothing.

The spiritual gift of speaking in tongues is your personal connection to mysteries. When you speak in tongues to God you speak mysteries in your spirit. Cor 14:2


On the other hand, discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness; v8 for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. 1Tim 4:7-9

But godliness actually is a means of great gain, when accompanied by contentment. 1 Tim.6:6    Here Paul links godliness with spiritual gain. He names contentment as the key to spiritual gain. This is because godliness can be without spiritual gain if you are trusting in your own righteousness. The standard of “contentment” will show us if our deeds toward God are coming from the Holy Spirit’s direction or from religious deception. 

” For all of our righteousness’ are as filthy rags.” Isaiah 64:6

And pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness.1 Tim 6:11