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 Melchizedek’s Treasure LTD is a USA 501c3 tax-exempt public charity

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just as Abram gave to Melchizedek.


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Vision / Mission Statement


Melchizedek’s Treasure


To Bless God and Bless People

To be a creative expression of God in the earth.

It's Vision is:

to establish the Melchizedek Priesthood as a means of carrying God’s glory in the earth.


It's Mission is:       

Worship / Intercession Mobilization

to produce worshipping, praying people who are active participants of the Melchizedek Priesthood, as recorded in Isaiah 58:6-14


It's Ministry is:

Ministry to the Abandoned

Melchizedek’s Treasure supports Street Kids’ Ministry in:

Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Philippines, Pakistan, India



How it All Began:

In the spring of 1997 I met a man.  He was broken, scared, and was preparing to return to Sudan; to a life where he was responsible for the safety of thousands of Christians.  He was famous in heaven and in his country. He had done many great exploits, in overcoming the enemy.

One of these was recorded on p.351 in the WindoWatchman2 book of reports on the1040 window. I had the privilege of showing him the report of his heroic act recorded for all to see. It answered his pain—- that no one knew or cared about the 35-year civil war and take-over of his country.


As he would tell me about his country, I became broken too.  He had been sent to the USA, not to raise funds, but to recover from war trauma. Soon, I was so broken, I began to cry and sob for this country. I cried all day, every day, for 2 months. It was unreal. I would straighten myself, to speak to other people, and then the tears would take over again.


Jesus was imparting His heart to me for His inheritance -The Nations.

Psalm 2:8 speaks of this: "Ask of ME, and I will surely give the nations as Thine inheritance, and the very ends of the earth as Thy possession.

The Lord spoke to me and told me to call people together to pray for this country. I went to a cabin with the harp, and four other intercessors to pray. After three days of prayer, I was no longer crying. The burden had lifted. I immediately began to fund-raise for the work in Sudan. A year later I read in the Washington Post (religious section), about a group that had recently formed to raise funds for Sudan and to bring it to media and congressional attention. They raised over a million dollars, for the work of this same man I had met. Sudan was now in the news !

Another woman worked to start an Aglow chapter for the Sudanese women.  These connections with the rest of the world were desperately needed by the isolated Christians in Sudan. Our prayers were being answered before our eyes in such a big way. Since that time, I spent Christmas in Icitus S Sudan in 2008, and joined the excited political week in Juba 2010, ahead of the successful vote to succeed from the north of Sudan.


 About two weeks after that first prayer retreat, I began to "get sick" all over again, but this time it was for Pakistan. But now I knew how to get rid of this terrible exquisite pain. I had a prayer retreat!  These retreats were ongoing events of the ministry from 1995-2005. Over fifty countries were prayed for.


In 2004 God asked me if I would go to the countries I had prayed for. I agreed. This started a time of travel until HE announced in a prophetic word all that He was going to do in Uganda. After returning there in 2006 God asked me if I would work there. I answered yes. I am still at work in Uganda, fulfilling the things announced in that prophetic word.


 In 2012 God joined 6 established ministries in other countries to our now huge street kids ministry in Uganda. It was at that time Melchizedek’s Treasure’s ministry to the abandoned became a funding organization with affiliates. You can read about how the ministry to the abandoned came into being in the chapter named: The Little Harp in our new street kids book: Street Kids Speak, author Jane Snyder, publisher Amazon.